EIIS Crowdfunding

EIIS Crowdfunding

The following is a list of current Crowdfunding platforms that provide access to EIIS Investment Schemes. Advantages are the entry minimum tends to be low so you can more easily create a broader portfolio.

EIIS Crowdfunding platforms typically allow you to invest €250+ (varies) into early stage companies. The process of money getting deployed is usually quicker than dealing the funds.  A certain level of due diligence is done by the crowdfunding platform but this will vary. Normally money can be easily deposited by payment card - some platforms take the investment payment immediately (and refund if necessary) others do not actually charge the card until the EIIS funding campaign is completed

Alternatively you could consider and EIIS Fund or direct investments with EIIS qualifying companies.
Name Description Sample of Investments Minimum Investment Fee Web Site
Spark Crowdfunding A Crowdfunding platform in Ireland specialising in EIIS investments Welloa
Zipp Mobility
€250 for EIIS 6% of any profits https://sparkcrowdfunding.com
Crowdcube A large UK based crowdfunding platform that offers occasional EIIS investments HouseMyDog
Sliabh Liag Distillers
€250 for EIIS 1.65% (Once Off) + 5% of any profits https://www.crowdcube.com
Seedrs A large UK based crowdfunding platform that offers occasional EIIS investments €250 for EIIS 1% (Once Off) + 7.5% of any profits https://www.seedrs.com
Green Crowd Manager of private placements EIIS investments mainly in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. Solarstream
Bioenergy Technology
Avoncourt Construction
€10,000 No Fees https://greencrowd.ie
Tax Relief with the EIIS Scheme
25-50% Tax RelIEF

Managed EIIS Investment
Low Entry COST

EIIS Diversification with Funds