EIIS Funds

EIIS Investment Funds

The following is a list of current EIIS Funds for investing in Irish Companies. Funds are a great way to get a managed investment in a portfolio of companies. 

Minimums can vary a lot but are typically €5,000-€25,000 with on off fees of around 3%. The funds typically open in October/November each year and close at the end of December.  This will allow claiming of tax the follow October. However it can take time for the money to actually get invested, and the EIIS certificates for tax relief to be returned to you. Depending on the fund they many only issue a single document for all the investment once completed. 

From 2024 funds will produce a blended tax relief rate likely 30-35%. This information wil be available from the fund provider.

Alternatively you could consider and EIIS Crowdfunding platforms or direct investments with EIIS qualifying companies.

Name Description Sample of Investments Minimum Investment Blended Tax Relief Targeted Return* Fee Capped Upside Web Site
Davy / BDO / BES Ireland's longest running EIIS fund provider. Happy Pear
€5,000 ? 3% (Once Off) + up to 2% on exit ? https://www.bes.ie
Goodbody / Azets +25 years Experience Sunhill Nursing Home
The Shed Distillery
Powerscourt Distillery
€20,000 ? 3% (Once Off) + up to 2% exit fees ? https://www.eiismanagement.ie
Cantor Fitzgerald One of the country’s most experienced firms providing EIIS funds since 2011. Healthbeacon
€25,000 ? 3% (Once Off) ? https://cantorfitzgerald.ie
Quintas EIIS Innovation fund in 3 – 5 companies led by Quintas Wealth Management using Redeemable Preference Equity. 15 years experience. Netwatch
Velo Coffee
Ascend Cloud Solutions
€25,000 35% 5-8% per annum on top of tax relief. 3% (Once Off) + 15% on any gain. 5% convertible to catch any upside and all convertible if sold within the 4 year period https://theeiisinnovationfund.ie
BVP Fund provider which aims to invest in businesses that have a positive impact on the world. Buymie
€10,000 35% 15% per annum including tax relief 3% (Once Off) No https://www.bvp.ie
Elkstone New EIIS fund Allsorter
Output Sports
Contact Provider ? Contact Provider No https://elkstonepartners.com
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